Monday, April 7, 2014

Musicians (E)

Earl Gardener - Horns (Don Johnson)
Earl Seymour - Saxophone, synthesizers (Wrabit, The Arrows, Garnett FordDwayne Ford)
Earl Slick - Guitar (Danny Spanos)
Ed Bettinelli - Drums (Preview)
Ed Gagliardi - Bass (SPYS)
Ed Green - Drums (Tony Sciuto)
Ed Poole - Bass (Romeo's Daughter)
Ed Rokx - Drums, percussion (Zinatra)
Ed Roynesdal - Keyboards (Henry Lee Summer)
Ed Vivenzio - Keyboards (805)
Eddie Colga - Guitar (Outside Edge)
Eddie Driscoll - Drums (ISOM)
Eddie Fincher - Drums (Tobruk)
Eddie Martinez - Guitar (Lou Gramm, Distance)
Eddie Money - Vocals, keyboards, saxophone, harmonica, synthesizers (Eddie Money)
Eddie Schwartz - Vocals, guitar (Eddie Schwartz)
Eddie Taylor - Saxophone (Max Carl)
Eddie Ulibarri - Keyboards (Eddie Money)
Eddie Watkins - Bass (Dan Hartman)
Eddie Zeeman - Vocals, drums, percussion (Cats can fly)
Eddie Zyne - Drums, percussion (Max Carl)
Eddy Van Thill - Bass (Jimmy Martin and New Deal)
Elliot Douglas - Drums (Douglas)
Elliot Easton - Guitar (Michael Morales)
Emilio Castillo - Tenor saxophone (Michael Des Barres)
Erdal Kizilcay - Bass (Ultranite)
Eric Clapton - Guitar (Stephen Bishop)
Eric Hine - Keyboards (Bite the Bullet)
Eric Marienthal - Saxophone (Idle Cure)
Eric Martin - Vocals, piano (Eric Martin Band, Eric Martin)
Eric Nelson - Bass (Nick Gilder)
Eric Persing - Synthesizers (What if)
Eric Pressly - Bass (Lisa Nemzo)
Eric Rehl - Keyboards, synthesizer (Russ Irwin)
Eric Williams - Guitar (LaMarca)
Erich Bulling - Synth programming (Joe Bruce & 2nd Avenue)
Erik Lundgren - Guitar (Van Zant)
Erik Scott - Bass, drum programming, keyboards (Mark Free, Signal)
Ernie Gold - Keyboards (Preview)
Ernie Watts - Saxophone (Eric Martin, Dakota, David Pack, Dan Hartman)
Ernie White - Vocals, guitar (Aviator)
Erwin "Bird" Leader - Drums, percussion (Sharx)
Esteban MacNardo - Drums (Bobby Barth)
Evan Murray - Keyboards (Avion)

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