Monday, April 7, 2014

Musicians (K)

Karen McInulty - Vocals (She)
Karl-Heinz "Kalli" Franz - Vocals, keyboards (No Credit Band)
Kee Marcello - Guitar, keyboards (Easy Action)
Keith Airey - Guitar (Walk on fire)
Keith Ard - Drums (Matinee)
Keith Beauvais - Guitar (9th Street)
Keith "Kyf" Brewer - Keyboards (The Ravyns)
Keith Diamond - Bass, keyboards, drums, percussion (Michael Bolton)
Keith Emerson - Keyboards (3)
Keith Mack - Guitar (Scandal)
Keith Mims - Guitar (HALO)
Keith Mitchell - Vocals (Shooting Star)
Keith Murrell - Vocals (Airrace)
Keith Scott - Guitar (Glass Tiger)
Ken Dubman - Guitar (Prophet)
Ken Harck - Drums (Wild Blue)
Ken Ingwersen - Guitar (Jim Jidhed)
Ken Mims - Guitar (Van Stephenson)
Ken Riley - Guitar (She)
Ken Sandin - Bass (Alien)
Ken Tamplin - Vocals, guitar (Shout)
Ken Thomas - Keyboards, programming (Stone Soup)
Keni "Richetti" Richards - Drums (Autograph)
Kendall Waller - Bass (Avion)
Kenny G - Saxophone (Michael Bolton)
Kenny Greenberg - Guitar (Tom Kimmel)
Kenny Lewis - Bass (Michael Des Barres)
Kenny Loggins - Vocals, guitar (Kenny Loggins)
Kenny Meriedith - Guitar (The Automatix)
Kenny Sanders - Guitar (Phil Cristian)
Kenny Stavropoulos - Drums (Le Mans)
Kenny Z - Horns (Beau Coup)
Kent Persons - Saxophone (Redstone)
Kerry Hatch - Bass (Joe Lamont)
Kerry Livgren - Keyboards, guitar (David Pack, Kansas)
Ketil Bjerkestrand - Keyboards, programming (Aina)
Kevan McKenzie - Drums (Stan Meissner)
Kevin Beamish - Percussion (Stan Bush)
Kevin Carlson - Guitar (Aldo Nova)
Kevin Chalfant - Vocals (The Storm, 707)
Kevin Clark - Guitar (The Front)
Kevin Davis - Bass (The Cauze)
Kevin Dukes - Guitar (Bill Champlin, Michael Bolton)
Kevin Mason - Keyboards (9th Street)
Kevin McCornick - Bass (Steve Perry)
Kevin McKee - Bass (Cheater, Jeff Cosco and Times Square)
Kevin Nugent - Guitar (Arc Angel)
Kevin Pratt - Guitar (BB Steal)
Kevin Raleigh - Vocals, keyboards, guitar (Kevin Raleigh, Michael Stanley Band)
Kevin Russel - Guitar (707)
Kevin Savigar - Keyboards (David CassidyMichael Des Barres)
Kevin Stoller - Keyboards (Icon)
Kevin Valentine - Drums, percussion (The Innocent. Shadow King)
Key Neymour - Vocals, guitars (Stand by)
Kex Gorin - Cymbal (Robin George)
Kim Bullard - Keyboards (New Frontier, Kenny Loggins)
Kim Gardner - Bass (Danny Spanos)
Kim Hunt - Drums, percussion (Urgent (Canada))
Kim Hutchcroft - Saxophone (Joe Bruce & 2nd AvenueEric MartinBridge 2 Far, Bill LaBounty)
Kim Mitchell - Guitar (Garnett Ford)
Kirk Gibbs - Keyboards (The Paul Godfrey Band)
Kirk Hellie - Guitar (Los Angeles)
Kirk Wahlum - Saxophone (Bridge 2 Far)
Kit Ebersbach - Keyboards (Michael Furlong)
Kjell Ohman - Keyboards (West of Sunset)
Kjetil Bjerkestrand - Keyboards (Stage Dolls)
Klaus Gehlhaar - Bass, keyboards (Jimmy Martin and New Deal)
Klaus Lulley "Cornelius" - Vocals (Douglas)
Klyph Black - Bass (Urgent)
Koen van Baal - Keyboards (Zinatra)
Kris Larson - Keyboards, guitar (Jeff Cosco and Times Square)
Kyoji Yamamoto - Guitar (Phenomena)

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