Welcome to 80's AOR & Melodic rock music blog!!

This is a place for 80s AOR & Melodic rock lovers. Here you'll find and discover many different bands within this genre and the possibility to listen to their albums.

How to use the blog:
  •     Search a band by name or country or just an album by year using the menu bar.
  •     In the “Musicians” section of the menu bar you can search a musician by letter or instrument. There you’ll find all the main and guest musicians of every band (except backing vocals) and check which bands they´ve played in.
  •      Inside every album post, below the cover picture, there is a link “Take a listen on youtube”. Just click and you’ll be redirected to a youtube playlist where you’ll be able to listen to the whole album.

Obviously, not all the bands in the world are posted here. The blog is associated with SebastianAOR’s youtube channel and facebook account. So, eventually, I'll be uploading and updating the channel with more bands and albums and you will be able to see that information updated on the blog.

I really hope you enjoy the blog. I’m not a know-it-all of this music. I’m just a lover of this music.

Finally, if you like it, please don’t forget to leave a comment or share it to give me more reasons to keep on working on it!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!


(This isn't a download blogspot. So, if you like an album and there are units in stock, please try to by an original copy)


  1. do you have a facebook account?

  2. Thanks for removing the Angel Edge songs from Youtube. I might have come across as an a**-hole, but the oppoosite is actually the case. In any event, if you check your YT messages, I just sent you a link from Wetransfer to three live-performance Angel Edge never-released songs, and License to Thrill 'live' perforrmance, plus four award winning blues guitar instrumentals that are yet to be released for your personal use only. If you can't access the message, email me at ultrabkicks@gmail.com, and I'll reply witth the download link. Thanks!
    Rumaldo Ortiz


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