Monday, April 7, 2014

Musicians (M)

M.S. Gladstone - Guitar (Jeff Cosco and Times Square)
Ma Fletcher - Guitar (Tim Feehan)
Mac Wighton - Bass (Simon Chase)
Magnus Gustavsson - Bass (Angelize)
Magnus Hall - Drums (Angelize)
Malcolm Jones - Guitar (Bite the Bullet)
Malcolm Wakeford - Drums (Little River Band)
Manu Katche - Percussion (Lisa Hartman)
Máns Abrahamsson - Drum programming (Ballard)
Marc Bonilla - Guitar (The Paul Godfrey Band)
Marc Droubay - Drums (Survivor)
Marc Geimer - Bass (Los Angeles)
Marc Gilbert - Vocals (Adrenalin)
Marc Hunter - Vocals (Dragon)
Marc Jones - Bass (Monro)
Marc Nelson - Drums (New Frontier)
Marc Pastoria - Piano, synthesizers (Adrenalin)
Marc Storace - Vocals (Ultranite)
Marcel Hamel - Keyboards, synthesizers (Tim Feehan)
Marcus Ryle - Synth programming (Joe Bruce & 2nd Avenue)
Margaret Becker - Vocals (Margaret Becker)
Mariko Martinez - Keyboards (Battlecry)
Mario Di Stefano - Guitar (Jimmy Martin and New Deal)
Mario Kleinberger - Bass (Fahrenheit)
Marius Müller - Guitar (Aina)
Mark Ambrose - Guitar, keyboards (Idle Cure)
Mark Applin - Vocals (9th Street)
Mark B. Murphy - Bass (Billy Katt)
Mark Badrick - Bass (Shy)
Mark Booty - Keyboards (Wildlife)
Mark Bosch - Guitar (Benny Mardones)
Mark Bucchare - Vocals (Alliance)
Mark Chole - Bass (Eric Martin)
Mark Clarke - Bass (Michael Bolton)
Mark Craney - Drums (Gregg Rolie)
Mark Davis - Keyboards, synthesizer (John Warren)
Mark Free - Vocals (Mark Free, Signal)
Mark Gendel - Guitar (RPM)
Mark Goldenberg - Synthesizers, guitar (Jesse Colin Young)
Mark Hammond - Drums (Van Stephenson)
Mark Heckert - Keyboards (Alliance)
Mark Holden - Saxophone (Boulevard)
Mark Hopkins - Drums (Tangier)
Mark Hugonberger - Keyboards (Shout, Idle Cure)
Mark Isham - Synthesizers, programming (Avalon)
Mark Isom - Vocals (ISOM)
Mark Kaufman - Drums (Mayday)
Mark Leonard - Bass (Don Johnson, Wild BlueMaxus)
Mark Lyman - Guitar (Luba)
Mark Mangold - Keyboards, drums, vocals (Michael BoltonBenny MardonesDrive She said, Touch)
Mark Marshall - Drums (Tommy Shaw)
Mark Meisner - Drums (ZZYZX)
Mark Morgan - Keyboards (Starship)
Mark Moulin - Guitar (Dreamer)
Mark Nelson - Drums (Phil Cristian)
Mark Nilan - Keyboards (Bobby Barth)
Mark Onstad (Brinx)
Mark Pearson - Vocals (Nielsen & Pearson)
Mark Pelletier - Bass (Boyfriend)
Mark Proto - Guitar (Cannata)
Mark Radice - Keyboards (Michael Bolton)
Mark Rivera - Saxophone (Michael Bolton, Benny Mardones, Lou Gramm)
Mark Ross - Guitar, keyboards (Eric Martin BandKevin Raleigh, Gregg Rolie)
Mark Russo - Saxophone (Gregg RolieJohn Clouse, Pablo Cruise)
Mark Spiro - Keyboards (David Cassidy)
Mark Stanway - Keyboards, synthesizers (Laurence Archer, Robin George, Magnum)
Mark Sutcliffe - Guitar (Blue Blud)
Mark Thomas - Guitar (2am)
Mark Urquhart - Guitar (Michael Breen)
Mark Vieha - Keyboards (Jack Wagner)
Mark T. Williams - Drums (Joseph Williams)
Mark Williamson - Vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass (Bridge 2 Far)
Mark Woerpel - Guitar synthesizer (Rick Medlocke & Blackfoot)
Marko Gronholm - Drums (Peo)
Marshall James Styler - Vocals, keyboards (Duke Jupiter)
Martee Lebow - Vocals (Martee Lebow)
Martin Dobson - Saxophone (John Parr)
Martin Jenner - Guitar (Stephen Bishop)
Martin Jones - Bass (Refugee)
Martin Machwitz - Keyboards (Ultranite)
Martin Walsh - Guitar (Bridge 2 Far, Cindy Cruse)
Marty Randles - Guitar, bass, drums (Joseph Lee Wood)
Marty Schuur - Guitar (Brinx)
Marty Simon - Keyboards (Greenway)
Martyn Toole - Guitar (Avion)
Marvin Birt - Guitar (Haywire)
Mary-Lu Zahalan - Vocals (Zahalan)
Mathew Downs - Guitar (Stephen Bishop)
Mats Karlsson - Guitar, keyboards (220 Volt)
Matthew - Vocals, drums (The Action)
Matt Bissonette - Bass (A=440)
Matt Haslett - Keyboards (Peroux)
Matt Rolands - Piano (O'Ryan)
Matt Schon - Strings, horns (Gregg Rolie)
Matt Sorum - Drums (Jeff Paris)
Matt Wells - Guitar (Stone Soup)
Matt Zimbel - Percussion (The Arrows)
Matthew Gerrard - Bass (Zahalan)
Matthew "Matt" Frenette - Percussion, drums (BoulevardLoverboy)
Matthew McCauley - Keyboards (Stan Meissner)
Mauro Lupazzi - Guitar (Forsale)
Max Bacon - Vocals (Phenomena, GTR)
Max "Carl" Gronenthal - Vocals, guitar, keyboards (Max Carl)
Meghan - Vocals, synthesizers (Meghan)
Mel Collins - Saxophone (Outside EdgeChris Eaton, Wild Blue)
Mel Galley - Guitar (Phenomena)
Memo Acevedo - Percussion (The Arrows)
Merv Goldsworthy - Bass (FM)
Mervyn Spence "O'Ryan" - Vocals, guitar, bass, piano (O'Ryan)
Michael Anderson - Guitar, bass (Stone Soup)
Michael "Mike" Baird  - Drums, percussion (Michael BoltonEddie MoneyPrismAirplayEric Martin
Martee Lebow, Van Stephenson, i-Ten, Tim Feehan, Kenny LogginsDwayne Ford, Stan Bush,
Jimmy HarnenRick Springfield)
Michael Bell - Bass (Luba)
Michael Boddicker - Keyboards, synthesizer (Eric Martin, David Roberts, Dakota)
Michael Bolton - Vocals, guitar (Michael Bolton)
Michael Braun - Drums (Michael BoltonEddie Schwartz)
Michael Brecker - Saxophone (Michael Bolton)
Michael Breen - Vocals, guitar (Michael Breen)
Michael Couchois - Drums (Couchois)
Michael De Rosier - Drums, percussion (Orion the Hunter, Alias)
Michael DeFrank - Guitar (Magnum)
Michael Des Barres - Vocals (Michael Des Barres)
Michael "Mike" Fisher - Percussion (Van Stephenson, Brett RaymondRick Springfield)
Michael Furlong - Vocals, guitar, drums & percussion, bass (Michael Furlong)
Michael Gismondi - Bass, saxophone (Michael Stanley Band)
Michael Hanson - Drums (Glass Tiger)
Michael John Toste - Vocals (All Sports Band)
Michael Joyce - Bass (Tom Kimmel)
Michael Kehr - Vocals, guitar (Urgent)
Michael King - Bass (Surgin')
Michael Landau - Guitar (B.J. Thomas, Bridge 2 Far, Chris Eaton, Eric Martin, Michael Bolton, 
David Cassidy, John Parr, Stephen Bishop, Starship, Van Stephenson, Russ Taff, Brett Raymond,
Lisa Hartman, Zahalan, Tim Feehan, Cindy Cruse, What if, Think Out Loud, Nielsen & Pearson,
Steve Perry, Maxus, Joseph Williams)
Michael Lloyd - Drums, programming (Benny Mardones)
Michael "Mike" Mani - Keyboards (Eric MartinLe Mans)
Michael McDonald - Keyboards (Kenny Loggins)
Michael Morales - Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards (Michael Morales)
Michael Omartian - Drums, percussion, keyboards, synthesizers, piano (Michael Bolton
Joe Bruce & 2nd AvenueStephen Bishop, MaxusJoseph Williams)
Michael Rhodes - Bass (Van Stephenson)
Michael Ricciardella - Drums (Aviator)
Michael Romeo - Guitar (Adrenalin)
Michael Root - Drums (Paul Janz)
Michael Rudetsky - Synthesizers (Aldo Nova)
Michael Sadler - Vocals, keyboards (Saga)
Michael Sciuto - Bass (Tony Sciuto)
Michael Sembello - Vocals, guitar, keyboards (Michael Sembello)
Michael Sloski - Drums (The Arrows)
Michael Soldan - Keyboards (Cannata, Arc Angel)
Michael Stanley - Vocals, guitar (Michael Stanley Band)
Michael Sturgis - Drums (Phenomena)
Michael Tafoya - Guitar (The B'zz)
Michael "Mike" Thompson - Guitar (Benny MardonesDavid Cassidy, Stephen Bishop, Jeff Paris,
Andy Fraser, Jack Wagner, Dan Hartman, Michael Thompson BandJimmy Harnen)
Michael Todd - Drums (Los Angeles)
Michael Wilk - Synthesizers, piano (Stan Bush)
Michel Lachapelle - Drums (Aldo Nova)
Michel Pelo - Bass (Aldo Nova)
Mick Cavanagh - Guitar (Winter's Reign)
Mick Guzauski - Percussion (Lisa Hartman)
Mick Fortune - Drums (Fortune)
Mick Lister - Vocals, guitar (The Truth)
Mick Newman - Guitar (Tobruk)
Mickey Barker - Drums (Magnum)
Mickey Currey - Drums (Eric Martin, Kenny Loggins, Survivor)
Mickey Roberts - Keyboards (The Truth)
Mickey Thomas - Vocals (Starship)
Mikael Ahlfort - Drums (Tracy goes crazy)
Mikael Larsson - Bass (220 Volt)
Mike Balm - Drums (Stan Bush)
Mike Benton - Vocals, guitar, bass (Bite the Bullet)
Mike Brignardello - Bass (Margaret Becker, Giant)
Mike Brown - Bass (Tobruk)
Mike Casswell - Guitar (Walk on fire)
Mike Danniel - Vocals (One)
Mike DeFrank - Vocals, guitar (Magnum)
Mike Frances - Guitar (Garnett Ford, Dwayne Ford)
Mike Gingrich - Bass (Champion)
Mike Gladstone - Guitar (Cheater)
Mike Graham - Drums, keyboards (HALO)
Mike Hamilton - Guitar (Idle Cure)
Mike Hanna - Keyboards (Van Stephenson)
Mike Hehir - Guitar (Greenway)
Mike Konn - Bass, keyboards (Garnett Ford)
Mike Kost - Bass (Tangier)
Mike Lawler - Keyboards (Tom Kimmel)
Mike Linn - Horns (Billy Katt)
Mike McGill - Guitar (Beau Coup)
Mike Mirage - Guitar, keyboards (Avalon)
Mike Nolan - Guitar (Moritz)
Mike Organ - Drums (Henry Lee Summer)
Mike Porcaro - Bass (Avalon, David Roberts, Brett Raymond, David Pack, Chris Mancini,
Tony Sciuto, Jesse Colin YoungDwayne Ford)
Mike Reno - Vocals (Loverboy)
Mike Richardson - Drums (Russ Ballard)
Mike Rutherford - Bass (John Verity)
Mike Seifert - Bass (Stan Bush & Barrage)
Mike Skinner - Saxophone (Agent)
Mike Slamer - Guitar (Streets)
Mike Sloski - Drums (Stan Meissner)
Mike Sullivan - Bass (Ultranite)
Mike Wagner - Bass (Synch)
Mike Weaver - Keyboards (Bystander)
Mikko Rintanen - Organ, piano (Wild Force)
Miles Joseph - Guitar (Player)
Mitch "The V" Viegut - Guitar (Airkraft)
Mitchell Froom - Keyboards, synthesizers (LaMarcaRandy Meisner, Nick GilderRick Springfield)
Mitchell James - Guitar, saxophone (Cats can fly)
Mo Foster - Bass (Stephen Bishop, Russ Ballard)
Monty Byrom - Vocals, guitar (New Frontier)
Monty Smith - Guitar (Joseph Lee Wood)
Moon Calhoun - Vocals (Michael Thompson Band)
Morris Pert - Percussion (Night)
Morten Munch - Bass, keyboards, programming, guitar (Parber & Kerstein, Skagarack)
Mugs Cain - Drums, Percussion (Michael Bolton)
Myles Hunter - Vocals (Refugee)
Myron Grumbacher - Drums (David Cassidy)

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